What is the difference between a 2 high roller mill and a 3 high roller mill?


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We are Tongli Cement manufacturing equipment factory, we specialize in manufacturing roller mills, roller mill atmosphere 2 roller mills and 3 roller mill are two common types of roller mills used for crushing and processing materials. They have some differences in structure and working principle. So how do we find out the best roller mill? There are many kinds of roller mills on the market, and each of them is different and has advantages and disadvantages, the next detailed list of advantages and disadvantages.



2 High Roller Mill: 2 High roller mill consists of two rollers, one of which is the working roller and the other is the backup roller. The material passes between the work roll and the standby roll and is crushed and pulverized under pressure.

3 High Roller Mill: 3 High Roller Mill consists of three rollers, two of which are working rollers and one is a standby roller. Material is passed between the two work rolls and is crushed and pulverized under pressure. The spare roll is used to support and adjust the roll spacing.


Roll spacing adjustment:

2 HIGH ROLLER MILL: The roll spacing of 2 high roller mill is usually fixed and cannot be adjusted in real-time.

3 HIGH ROLLER MILL: The roll spacing of the 3 HIGH ROLLER MILL can be adjusted in real time. The position of the backup rollers can be adjusted to change the spacing between the work rollers. This allows the 3H Roller Mill to be more flexible and adaptable to different materials and processing requirements.

What is the processing efficiency?

2 HIGH ROLLER MILL: The 2 HIGH ROLLER MILL usually has a lower processing capacity and is suitable for small to medium-sized production lines and smaller material handling capacities.

3 High Roller Mill: 3 High Roller Mill usually has a higher processing capacity, which is suitable for large-scale production lines and larger material handling capacity.

processing effect:

2 HIGH ROLLER MILL: 2 High Roller Mill In the process of material crushing and grinding, the pressure is mainly provided by the working rolls. This may lead to uneven pressure between the rolls, and the processing effect of materials may be relatively poor.

3 HIGH ROLLER MILL: 3 High Roller Mill can better distribute and evenly provide inter-roller pressure due to the support of an additional backup roller, thus obtaining better processing results.

Difference in use

2 HIGH ROLLER MILL: 2 High Roller Mill is usually used for coarse grinding and preliminary pulverizing process, which is suitable for materials with larger particles, such as cereals, corn, etc.

3 HIGH ROLLER MILL: Due to its better processing effect and adjustability, 3 High Roller Mill is suitable for more complicated processing and demanding materials, such as fine grinding and fine processing.

Which one should I buy?

Having said that, the 3-roller mill is better than the 2-roller mill because of its higher efficiency and the 2-roller mill is highly recommended if it is used less frequently and the processing volume is not too large.


There are some differences between 2-high roller mill and 3-high roller mill in terms of structure, roller spacing adjustment, processing capacity, processing effect, and application areas. Choosing a suitable roller mill needs to be evaluated and selected according to specific production needs, material characteristics, and processing requirements.