What is the largest vertical roller mill?


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Tongli has been specializing in the production of vertical roller mills for decades. Vertical roller mills are equipment used for crushing and grinding materials. The processing capacity of vertical roller mills in the market has been continuously improving, and they come in different sizes. There are several major manufacturers of vertical roller mills globally, including FLSmidth from Denmark and Gebr. Pfeiffer from Germany.


The largest vertical roller mill


FLSmidth, based in Denmark, is a leading global manufacturer of mining and cement equipment. Their Atox vertical roller mill is currently one of the largest vertical roller mills available. The Atox mill features a large grinding table diameter and a high number of rollers, allowing it to handle a significant amount of material. It is widely used in cement production lines and can meet the demands of high-volume production. The Atox mill utilizes advanced coal grinding technology, making it suitable for coal-fired power generation and industrial coal powder production.


Gebr. Pfeiffer, also based in Germany, is a renowned manufacturer of vertical roller mills. Their MVR series of vertical roller mills are widely used in large-scale industrial projects. The MVR mills are highly automated and energy-efficient, adapting to the grinding requirements of different materials. This series of mills also features large grinding table diameters and a high number of rollers, providing higher processing capacity and output.


In addition to FLSmidth and Gebr. Pfeiffer, some manufacturers in China have made significant progress in the field of vertical roller mills. Tongli Machinery, based in Zhejiang, China, produces vertical roller mills that have gained recognition globally. They offer a variety of models, and their independently developed vertical roller mills have been applied in both domestic and international markets. Tongli's mills have large processing capacity and efficient coal grinding performance, meeting the demands of large-scale cement production lines.


In summary 

With the development of science and technology in recent decades, the construction industry in each country has delved into vertical roller mills, and the largest vertical roller mills are produced by companies from Denmark and Germany. However, this does not mean that the products of only these two companies are excellent. Tongli Machinery, a Chinese company, produces excellent vertical roller mills that are highly efficient and widely exported to various countries and regions.