Ball mill critical speed, Ball mill efficiency

As a professional Intermittence Ball Mill product, drum dryer manufacturer, Bailing Machinery analyzes the factors affecting the production efficiency, hoping to produce help and support to customers.

In respect of rotating speed control, the high-efficiency production is very limited. Meanwhile, only if you control the rotating speed well can you control the consumption of steel ball.

When the rotating speed of Intermittence Ball Mill is high, the height the ball raised is high. The ball mill get away from the barrel when the ball rises to certain height, and falls along the parabolic path. There is comparatively large impact force on drop point. When the ore is crushed by the impact force, the grinding effect is highest.

When the rotating speed of Intermittence Ball Mill exceeds a certain speed (with much higher speed), the steel ball will rotate with the barrel and won't fall down, in a condition of centrifugal movement. There is no impact force, so the grinding function is much less, and the Intermittence Ball Mill stop grinding. The Intermittence Ball Mill rotating speed is called critical speed when the outmost layer balls just rotate with the barrel and don't fall.

The critical speed of various Intermittence Ball Mills is in direct proportion with its diameter, the absolute figure of critical speed is hard to calculated, and now only the calculation formula on critical speed in theory is widely used. When the non-smooth lining plate is used, the filing ratio of ball load is among 40%~50%. When the ore-grinding concentration is larger, the grinding effect is close to the practical production.

So in the production of Intermittence Ball Mill, to control the critical rotating speed reasonably can realize the effective control on the steel ball consumption. Meanwhile the lower on ball consumption will decrease the ore grinding production cost. Comprehensively considering, control the Intermittence Ball Mill rotating speed perfectly will greatly improve the Intermittence Ball Mill production efficiency and decrease the energy consumption of Intermittence Ball Mill specific yield.

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